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Welcome to Brooks' Bottling Co.

Do you have that amazing sauce, marinade, dressing or even a mustard that you've been dreaming about selling? But the problem has always been finding a one-stop source that can deliver on time the first time? PROBLEM SOLVED.

Welcome to Brooks' Bottling Company -- the perfect resource for sauce formulation, packaging, label development, and bottling -- all backed by an ethic of service, creativity, and a respect for budget. WISH GRANTED.

To let your genie out of the bottle, contact us today.


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Success Stories

  • We tried three or four different copackers for our homemade pasta sauces, with no success. Then we found Brooks', and it's been a great relationship. If you care about your product and the way it's going to be made, you're going to want to find a partner who can treat it with respect. That's what we found with Brooks'.

    -- Piero Lisio, Little Venice Restaurant, Binghamton

  • With Brooks', I was able to get a shelf-ready product that I could then take to grocery stores and specialty markets. From tweaking the recipe to helping with paperwork, Brooks' made my sassy salad sauce more commercially appealing.

    -- Liz Dawson, Main Street Grill and Bakery, Afton

  • Brooks' does an incredible job -- they follow through on everything they say they're going to do. We wanted to make sure that the sauce we serve on all our steaks is exactly the same. We went to Brooks', who helped us and then suggested we bottle it. They take your product and bring it to fruition.

    -- Angelo Mazzone, Mazzone Hospitality, Clifton Park

  • Brooks’ Bottling Company was a revelation to us. They were able to recreate our recipes to USDA regulations and, more importantly, recreate the exact same taste of our sauces. At Brooks’, they go out of their way to meet your needs and have become an intrinsic asset in our business. They are good, down-to-earth, honest people who you can relate to and like. We will be doing business with them for as long as they will have us.

    -- Jamar White, Buffalo Boss

  • As we grow our brand we know that the team at Brooks’ Bottling Company is right here beside us with incredible attention to detail and always on-time delivery.

    -- Joe Moran, Jake’s Grillin’